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Education That Rebuilds the Next Generation Workforce

Primary Education

A focus of my primary education policy will be attracting, retaining, and supporting educators so that Connecticut is recognized as having the best public school teachers in the country every year. That includes more teaching and less testing so that our students are best prepared to be productive members of society.

The way we fund and organize primary education in Connecticut is broken and inefficient. We need to simplify and consolidate the various funding systems so that we can best meet the needs of our students and provide more predictability for local boards of education. I will promote the creation of additional cost-saving efficiencies regarding the way our school districts are structured, including incentivizing district consolidation to meet minimum school district size targets so that we spend our money smarter when it comes to our kids’ education. Bottom line: we are one Connecticut and we have to work together to move the state forward.

Secondary Education

As Governor, I will foster a school-to-work pipeline so that our next generation workforce has the appropriate training and are given the best chance to get well-paying jobs. I propose providing associates degree and work certificate loan forgiveness for target industries with a one-year service commitment. In order to qualify for this program, eligible participants will be required to serve our state’s economy and work one year for state/local government, non-profits, startups, small businesses, or in an economically-depressed area.

In an era with skyrocketing college costs, we need to create an environment of college affordability and predictability, and simultaneously advance other high-quality, well-paying vocations. In order to best prepare our workers so that they have the necessary skills to help them land a well-paying job, we must expand access to apprenticeships and training opportunities. We also need to maximize the economic impact of our universities by attracting researchers and innovators and increasing accessibility to research for business.