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Economic Operations Center

In Connecticut, when we get a major snowstorm, all the necessary state leaders gather together in the Amory in Hartford and put a laser focus on getting our state through the storm. Connecticut’s economic crisis requires the same laser focus. This is our storm.

I propose an economic operations center that will treat our current economic issues like the crises they are. In order to meet our fiscal challenges head-on and put our state on an upward trajectory of economic growth and prosperity, we need a leader who will bring everyone to the table to turn our economy around.

The economic operations center will develop a 10-15 year plan to revitalize Connecticut’s economy and provide stability and predictability. This will not be a plan that just sits on the shelf once it is put together. Instead, our long-term plan will have measurable benchmarks to track progress. As Governor, I will have the grit, determination, persistence and discipline to make sure that we achieve our goals so that we stay on the path to prosperity.

Members of the economic operations center will include both Democratic and Republican state leaders. It will also include representatives from the business community, including women-, minority-, and veteran-owned businesses. Labor must also be a partner and have a seat at the table. It means making sure that our cities, suburbs, and smaller towns from all regions of the state are represented. We also need to make sure that women and minorities are included in the conversation to ensure that we restore Connecticut Opportunity for everyone, no matter who you are.

We must have a process that people can trust. Transparency will be a hallmark of the economic operations center. We will communicate throughout all stages of policy development and implementation to allow people and businesses to plan for the changes we will be making and provide input to make our initiatives better.