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My Plan, Restoring Opportunity for

One Connecticut


I love Connecticut. My love for our state is deeply rooted in my family’s story. Like many others, my family was able to realize the American dream right here in Connecticut. When my mother’s parents came from Ireland, Connecticut was the place where they were able to find work as a groundskeeper and factory worker at Pratt & Whitney. When my father immigrated from Ireland, Connecticut was the place where he was able to buy a home and operate a small landscaping business. When my brother, sisters, and I grew up in East Hartford, attended public schools and got our first jobs, Connecticut was the place where we found opportunity.

Too often now, people think that the opportunities that my family and I experienced no longer exist in Connecticut. Our economic growth is too slow, young people and seniors are leaving the state, we’re not as competitive as our neighboring states, and people have lost faith in government. We can do better.

I’m running for Governor because I believe that we can write a new story about Connecticut. Our economy is in crisis. We need a vision and plan that builds on our strengths and launches Connecticut forward. With the world-class talent in our state, we have the potential to be a state economy that’s a national growth leader instead of lagging behind our peers.

This economic plan will put us on the long-term path to bring about a new era of Connecticut Opportunity. Connecticut was where startup companies rose to global prominence in aerospace, submarines, air conditioning, elevators, pens, razors, and insurance, among others. By creating a dynamic economy that encourages entrepreneurism, we can become the birthplace of new companies at the forefront of innovation.

Under my different style of leadership – a leadership that puts service over politics and people over special interests – we will:

  1. Recharge Connecticut’s economy so that in five years we have the highest rate of economic growth in the country, which means more and better-paying jobs.
  2. Reignite Connecticut competitiveness so that our state becomes more attractive for both retaining businesses and talent we already have, and for those businesses and people looking for a new home.
  3. Reverse the outmigration of our young people and retirees so that we ensure a thriving next-generation workforce and allow our seniors to retire close to their families.
  4. Restore citizens’ faith in state government so that people look at Connecticut’s state government as a partner in creating solutions for its citizenry and as a driver of economic growth.

The path to sustainable, long-term economic prosperity will be long and hard, but we need to start now. Time is of the essence, and we need solutions and a path forward now. The time for finger pointing and kicking the can down the road is over, and failure is not an option. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work for the people of Connecticut. This is my plan for once again making Connecticut a place that people and businesses are proud to call home.

Please join me in writing a new story about our state by restoring Connecticut Opportunity.


Sean Connolly

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